Sunday, February 22, 2009

wood floors

one of our upcoming projects as you may remember from the 2009 resolution list is installing hardwood floors in the dining & living rooms.  i’m super psyched for this one.  i feel like it will give the house much more charm, character & warmth… plus, we’ll have to move the horrible in-your-face wall back in the process!!

although i love the idea of reclaimed wood floors, our budget just won’t allow that.  lucky for us, we have a backup  J  i remember last summer - when we were remodeling our kitchen - finding a local distributor with really reasonably priced beautiful hard wood floors.   ironically it was the same place we ended up getting our granite countertops from (also very reasonably priced).  dj recently stopped in to pick up flooring samples... all the samples below are acacia walnut (with different stains).  Although they’re all beautiful, we’re leaning towards the "natural".  we like the contrast of light & dark + think it's more traditional & characteristic of the time period our house was built in (1920s).  





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