Sunday, February 1, 2009

drafty doors

wow it's been cold outside!  cold enough to freeze our kitchen pipes ;)  a couple of weeks ago, as i sat on the floor trying to thaw the pipes with my hairdryer, i noticed we had a major draft under the back door.   i don't know how we missed this last winter.  

it reminded me of this project (posted on the paper pony last year).  filled with the motivation of not only a new project, but one i actually had a chance of completing, i decided to make a "draft blocker" of my own.   

although the paper pony version is so lovely with it's mismatch of beautiful fabrics, since mine would be laying on a dirty floor (where people constantly track in snow & mush), i thought i should use a more substantial (& less dirt revealing) fabric.  i found a really pretty soft grey corduroy & went to work.  below is the end product. 

it was so easy, i ended up making another for the front door.  at the end of the day i was beaming with pride (mostly because i finished a 1-day project in 1 day - & dj mentioned he was impressed with my sewing craftiness) - hahaha

  • afterward i realized i could have used an old pair of corduroys (either a crazy color via jcrew clearance or a thrift store score).
  • our doors are 35 inches wide so my fabric measured 37 inches long x 8 inches wide, which gave me a 1 inch seam allowance.
  • each pillow used about 3 lbs of rice - fyi, the rice cost more than the fabric!
  • i feel the need to mention that we are planning to paint the back door the same color as the trim (once a final trim color is picked)  :D

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