Wednesday, January 28, 2009

new bathroom pics

check out the bathroom!  isn't it beautiful?? i'm so proud of the work dj did (you know... building the walls, dry walling, tiling, grouting, etc).  of course, i'm proud of my own work & assistance too.  i don't think the pictures do it justice.  for some reason i had difficulty getting the lighting to look right.  

also- it's still missing a door.  after we fix up the new door, we'll have it professionally framed & hung.  next time we post pics, it will be decorated & ready to use (eeks with excitement)!

(this wall is where we'll put our cheddar silhouette)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

bathroom doors

we bought doors for the bathroom (& closet) today!!  old ones from columbus architectural salvage.  i'm in love with these doors!

dj & i are perpetually in a state of give & take between the old & the new.  i love the idea of vintage, salvaged or re-purposed goods, while dj is more keen on being the first owner  ;)   so... we agreed to used salvaged doors inside the house and buy a new exterior door when we re-do the front of the house.  a smart exchange in my opinion :D

Saturday, January 17, 2009

bathroom design board

(click on image to enlarge)

so this is my amateur attempt at creating a design board for the bathroom  :)   i thought it would be a nice way to "picture" what all the different design elements will look like once complete...  & in the process, be a good test for mixing styles, patterns, colors, shapes, & what-not.  

obviously we already have the floor & sink.  we also have a pottery barn light fixture similar to the mercer style shown (& i  bought the floral hand towels from basic french months ago when the co. was featured on design sponge).   

it's really exciting to be at the point where we get to decorate the room... plus i think it will be really fun to make silhouettes of cheddar, dj & i  - maybe use printed paper - & put in ornate thrift frames painted glossy black.  all-in-all it's nice to be this close to being finished.  the only renovation part left is to buy & frame a door (which we're working on).  yay!! 

Thursday, January 8, 2009

bathroom progression!

the last time i posted bathroom pics we had just finished framing the walls.  look how far we have come!  here's a look at our progression.  you'll see my husband has mad skills in the tiling department (regardless of how much he hates it)  :D

(bathtub is in)

(walls are up)

(how cute is this floor?)

(tiling begins - how cute is my husband?)

(tiling is finished!)

(dj's fancy grout manicure)

(a snapshot of the paint color - i'll get a better shot of it once we get some more light in this room - haha)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

bathroom color

 below is the color we chose for the bathroom (vintage map blue - martha stewart for valspar). it's a more muted version of the teal wallpaper in the kitchen (right off the bathroom - see layout).  i'm super excited... i think it will look great against the off-white subway tile.

i usually like to use sherwin williams duration interior paint (due to it's low voc content, clean-ability, coverage & awesome pour spout - not shown online), but the last person i know to have them match a color went through some terrible ordeals... so we'll give martha a try :)

you'll get to see the results soon, because i'm painting today!

(vintage map blue - martha stewart for valspar)

(wall paper in the kitchen)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 new year's resolution

wow.  so keeping up with a blog is harder than i thought! (as evident by the lack of postings). well no worries...  one of my new year's resolutions is to get back to it.  specifically, to update dandelion living with at least 2 posts per week.  i want this goal to be attainable ;D

not surprisingly, we've made quite the progress on the bathroom.  especially with the extra time we had over christmas break.  look for a bathroom update soon!  

in the meantime, here is the agenda for 2009: 
  1.  finish remodeling & decorating the bathroom
  2.  install wood floors in dining room & living room
  3.  create a real dining room (right now it's just a room full of drywall dust, tools & an old couch - see below.  in it's defense, it is right outside of the work-in-progress bathroom)
  4. turn the 2nd bedroom into a functioning guest bedroom/craft room/computer area (this is already in the works)
  5. push back the wall you run smack dab into when you walk in the house (the intention is to create a more open layout)
  6.  tear out the horrible cement wall in front of the house & replace with a stone or brick retaining wall.  at the same time, create steps leading straight up to the front door  (you'll understand when you see the front of the house)
  7.  replace the front door
  8.  build a wood fence for the back yard
  9.  lay a foundation for a garage (& hopefully build a garage - fingers crossed)
well, when you write it all out like that it seems like a lot of work (haha)... but we are up for the challenge :)

(our soon to be dining room - & you thought i was exaggerating)