Sunday, June 14, 2009

things to keep

i don't know if you can tell in previous pics, but we've really procrastinated in pulling together a nice living room (& any dining area whatsoever).  the excuse is that "we should start from the bottom up" - meaning we need to get the wood floors down before we can really think about doing anything else.  well... since we've made quite a bit of progress with the wood floors, i guess the time to pull it together is fast approaching - eek!

it's not that we err i haven't been thinking about it... in fact, i have all kinds of ideas jotted down, pictures saved & websites bookmarked - hello designsponge.  it's just... making a final decision on what approach to take it so difficult!   i definitely have commitment issues ;D

so yesterday i made a list of 'things to keep' - which are things we already have (that will go in either the living or dining room) & 'thing's i'd love to own' - which are things that i'd like to incorporate or use as inspiration.  

on the list of 'things to keep':

yellow chair.  i reupholstered this chair last year & - as dj constantly reminds me - it still needs a cushion

fancy chair.  another reupholstery project from last year that is a couple hours shy of being finished...

the credenza we built (project courtesy of the fantastic ReadyMade magazine)

ah... sophia - so beautiful.  she will always be my favorite.  the breakfast sign i found in the scary basement of a diner i worked at in college.  

this beauty may be introduced to a can of spray paint in the near future.  we bought it at Grandview Mercantile for a steal.  it surprisingly gives off a lot of light & is just lovely to look at overall.  

next up... 'things i'd love to own' ;)

Friday, June 12, 2009

1 room down...

wow.... check out the progress on our new living room floor below :D

floors prepped & ready to go...

my job was to stack all the wood slats...

starting to get an idea of what it will look like...

dj hard at work...

& taking a much deserved rest ;)

hello new living room floor... only 3 more rooms to go!

oh - & our make-shift couch - haha