Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 new year's resolution

wow.  so keeping up with a blog is harder than i thought! (as evident by the lack of postings). well no worries...  one of my new year's resolutions is to get back to it.  specifically, to update dandelion living with at least 2 posts per week.  i want this goal to be attainable ;D

not surprisingly, we've made quite the progress on the bathroom.  especially with the extra time we had over christmas break.  look for a bathroom update soon!  

in the meantime, here is the agenda for 2009: 
  1.  finish remodeling & decorating the bathroom
  2.  install wood floors in dining room & living room
  3.  create a real dining room (right now it's just a room full of drywall dust, tools & an old couch - see below.  in it's defense, it is right outside of the work-in-progress bathroom)
  4. turn the 2nd bedroom into a functioning guest bedroom/craft room/computer area (this is already in the works)
  5. push back the wall you run smack dab into when you walk in the house (the intention is to create a more open layout)
  6.  tear out the horrible cement wall in front of the house & replace with a stone or brick retaining wall.  at the same time, create steps leading straight up to the front door  (you'll understand when you see the front of the house)
  7.  replace the front door
  8.  build a wood fence for the back yard
  9.  lay a foundation for a garage (& hopefully build a garage - fingers crossed)
well, when you write it all out like that it seems like a lot of work (haha)... but we are up for the challenge :)

(our soon to be dining room - & you thought i was exaggerating) 


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  3. You are up to a challenge... I want to re-do my kitchen.. and oh.. the dread of the MESS is stopping me... and I've lived in my home for 8 years... I don't want to even mention how I would love to have my hardwood floors re-done.... Ü

  4. i was so excited to see your comment!! thanks for the vote of confidence... & good luck with your kitchen :D