Sunday, January 17, 2010

2009 update #1

so, we were making so much progress over the summer... & then we just kind of puttered out. we lost the enthusiasm & motivation of the early renovation days - oh, & we spent all of our $ too. but we've been saving our cash, recently found our mojo & are now working on our biggest house project to date! but before we share anything new... i need to post a few new (er... much belated) progress updates on the projects we completed in 2009. so here's the 1st!

update #1: wood floors + new wall colors = still makes me swoon...even after 6 months

i think our wood floors turned out fantastic - & look especially lovely with the new wall colors. once we put the floors in we realized the chocolate walls in the living room had to go - the color just didn't look right. good choice too, because the pale grey really brightens things up & makes the room look twice as big. the lavender in the dining room is also pretty subdued. i don't usually gravitate towards light wall colors, but now, well.. i think i'm in love :D

oh.... also new in the living room:

  • rug (anthropologie) - so colorful, pretty & a great deal @ 50% off online. i wish our anthropology carried rugs & curtains in the store.
  • petrie sofa (crate & barrel) - the most beautiful blue grey color, durable fabric & such a gorgeous shape... but a word of warning: it took 4 months to make & we now know to never buy a sofa with buttons on the seat cushions - umm... because they pop off. ugh
  • stow leather ottomans (also crate & barrel) - awesome bc they're movable & the lids flip over & become trays. super handy when you don't have a dining room table.

as you can see, we're still working on accessorizing, so please ignore the towels nailed above the windows. if you're wondering why we need towels & blinds, it's because our blinds don't provide adequate shade for playing video games

note: both room colors are martha stewart: rock oyster & party dress. i'll let you figure out which one is which ;) i had the paper swatches matched at sherwin williams (bc i really like the duration paint & they do a fantastic job matching colors).