Friday, February 27, 2009

still working on the bathroom...

we're so close! sometimes i get so excited to complete a project, that i exaggerate - or over simplify - how little is left.  in this case, when i said "all we have left to do is hang the doors", what i really meant was "all we have left to do is: hang the doors, select the molding that goes around the doors, put up the molding, prime & paint the molding, finish tiling around the door (to the molding), finish grouting the tile around the door, paint the ceiling, purchase/make the accessories & move everything else in!

whew... so, although we're still working on the bathroom, we're finally to the point where we just have to finish decorating,  yay!!  

here's the molding around the door...  

also...a super cute catchall i picked up in berlin, ohio (amish country).  i'm thinking it will be a nice place to drop my rings when i'm washing my face + the orange is a nice pop against the blue-green walls  :)

oh... & we finally picked out a shower curtain!!  personally i could have easily continued vacillating on the perfect shower curtain for months.  i really like this one though... the grey flowers are the same color as our pigeon grey towels  :)

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