Thursday, September 18, 2008

anthropology fun

last weekend i was running errands and made a quick pop into anthropology & boy was i glad i did!!  check out the cuteness below!  as if it couldn't be better... the vases were only $8 each! (the other 2 items were on clearance for $3.95).  so here is the plan....

i don't know exactly what i will do with the yellow & blue vases.  right now they are on the credenza we built over the summer.  they look really good there though... so that may end up being their new home.  

the other items are going to be accessories for the new bathroom.  the green vase is for our toothbrushes, the cream & yellow dish is for my hair ties/barrettes & well... i'll just have to start wearing perfume  ;)  

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