Wednesday, September 17, 2008

more bathroom decisions

so we went to lindeys this year for our anniversary... & what do you think we talked about most over dinner?  their bathroom tile - haha!!  we actually went back later & dj took a picture of the of it (see below).  we both like the black & white hexagon look & agree that black grout is the way to go... (i like it because i'm hoping it will show less dirt & grime + it is a very classic look that will go really well with white subway tile).  the only problem is we can't find find this exact pattern  :(
lately we've been talking about different black & white hexagon tile options & came across this design (see below).  the flower tile is not glazed though (boo)... so we're going to duplicate it by purchasing the all white design & replacing the pattern tiles with black ones - & then have every other tile be a flower pattern.  cute huh? 

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