Tuesday, September 9, 2008

fun times at the ReStore

well... it was a fun filled weekend in the brant-mangas household.  friday night we checked out the local habitat for humanity ReStore & although we didn't find what we were looking for (2 identical hardwood interior doors sized 30" by 80")... we did score a couple of other great finds (see below).  

the tile is 2x2 inch ceramic & just the prettiest shade of grey.  we found 48 square feet for $20! we're thinking about using it in the bathroom that we're not renovating right now.  i know that's a whole other project, but i'm already thinking a bold pink & grey would be such a lovely combination  :)  


the other item we picked up is a gold chandelier i plan on painting white or cream - to go in the 2nd bedroom upstairs.   i'm also thinking of possibly painting the little "cups" that hold the faux  candles a contrasting color.  i don't know which color it would be though... the room is mint green with grey & yellow accents right now.  i know....  grey is my new chocolate brown - haha :D

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