Saturday, January 17, 2009

bathroom design board

(click on image to enlarge)

so this is my amateur attempt at creating a design board for the bathroom  :)   i thought it would be a nice way to "picture" what all the different design elements will look like once complete...  & in the process, be a good test for mixing styles, patterns, colors, shapes, & what-not.  

obviously we already have the floor & sink.  we also have a pottery barn light fixture similar to the mercer style shown (& i  bought the floral hand towels from basic french months ago when the co. was featured on design sponge).   

it's really exciting to be at the point where we get to decorate the room... plus i think it will be really fun to make silhouettes of cheddar, dj & i  - maybe use printed paper - & put in ornate thrift frames painted glossy black.  all-in-all it's nice to be this close to being finished.  the only renovation part left is to buy & frame a door (which we're working on).  yay!! 

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