Thursday, July 3, 2008

upholstery class #2 (part 1)

i start my 2nd upholstery class at fabric farms on monday (before & after photos from my 1st upholstery class can be found here).  i'm super excited to revamp what i've dubbed the "fancy chair", which was given to us by dj's great aunt helen.  when i removed the fabric i found a card stapled to the arm that said the frame was made in 1959.  i find that kind of stuff really cool.  
so here is the plan: 
  • update the wood frame with glossy black paint
  • update the fabric with super cute & whimsical "leo" fabric (by Alexander Henry - below)
  • scotch guard the hell out of the chair when complete
this is where i really wish i was a photoshop pro... then i could "recreate" the chair with it's new look.  fyi... if anyone knows how to do this, please share :)

seriously...  how great is this fabric?!?  i think it's going to look quite lovely. :)

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