Tuesday, July 8, 2008

bathroom shopping

dj & i took a trip to lowes over the weekend to look at bathtubs, toilets & sinks... and it was one of the best shopping times we've ever had together!   it's reassuring to know we share similar tastes in at least 1 area, even if that area is toilets  :)  

seriously... we like the straight, clean, classic lines of the pieces below...  & pretty soon i'll have enough compiled to share our "vision" of what the new bathroom will look like.  

memoirs toilet (kohler)
i like the idea of having a flat top on the tank.  i think a nice tray on the back will provide a place to keep pretty things while keeping the bathroom looking tidy & organized.  

memoirs pedestal sink (kohler)
this sink comes in a 24, 27 & 30 inch version.  the 27 inch has the 3 extra inches added directly to the basin - which is nice & deep.  originally we thought about getting the 30 inch, but decided it was unnecessary & might look out of proportion in our larger - but still small by most standards - bathroom  :)

archer bathtub (kohler)
honestly... there are not a lot of great tubs to choose from out there.  we like this tub's simplicity 

oh... & all of these items will be white

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