Thursday, May 21, 2009

tearing stuff down is the most fun

& the destruction begins....

here's a decent picture of most of the wall.. as you can see, some of it is already missing.  oh, & please ignore the mess behind it.  since that room has no specific function right now, it's kind of become our biggest junk drawer  :)

a picture of the wall from the other side...

the biggest piece is now gone...

as you can see, the living room side of the house is a couple of feet higher than the entryway.  those steps... we'll need to tear out & rebuild to be as deep as the new entryway.  they'll be hardwood too.  actually, when we're ready to put down the hardwood floors, we'll start with the steps!

our 2nd bathroom (behind the wall)... probably won't be able to use this much longer

the wall on the 'living room side' is a load bearing wall, so dj built this huge beam/header to support it.  it's great for pull ups (or it would be if i could actually pull myself up) ;D 

look for more to come soon!

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